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March 07, 2004

Tomorrow is going to be a hectic day...its Holi, plus the Formula One Powerboat Championship and the inaugural race of the Formula One Car Championships.

I have a ringside view of the F1 Powerboat Championship right from the window of my living room, since the race is to be held from Nariman Point to Chowpatty, which is just opposite my house :) Except that its been so hazy for the last couple of days, that I don't know how much we shall be able to see. Visibility is at its lowest today...can't even see a dim flicker of the Marine Drive lights just now, while usually they come across so brightly that I have to draw the curtains before I sleep to block them out.

None of the Mumbaikars really play Holi, so that is going to be a pretty tame affair with a small lunch for close friends and a little bit of dry color. This is one time that I wish I was in Delhi, since I love playing Holi. Its always been my favorite festival, but haven't been able to enjoy it properly since the last 4-5 years now :(

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