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August 18, 2008

Losing faith in friendship

Sometimes its really, really difficult maintaining your faith in friendship. Why do we need friends? To laugh and joke and have fun, but also to get through the bad days right? For a shoulder at crisis time? And if there are friends who laugh and joke and have fun, then run a mile when the crisis erupts? Have you ever fought with a friend? Ever snapped at one when you are having a humongously bad day? Had one who could read your mind and hold your hand? A pal who just drifted apart, but then could pick up the thread years later as if no time had gone by. Someone who stood by your side even when they couldn't really do much, but just wanted to be there nevertheless? Or someone who warned you against a mistake, and was then there to pick up the pieces without even a whisper of I told you.......

If so, cherish that friend. Trust me, they are few and far in between. Trust me, I am learning from experience. What happens when you give your all to a friendship and it still lets you down? Me, I am walking away.

To the rest of my true buddies:

So no one told you life was gonna be this way
Your job's a joke, you're broke, your love life's D.O.A.
It's like you're always stuck in second gear
When it hasn't been your day, your week, your month, or even your year

I'll be there for you
When the rain starts to pour
I'll be there for you
Like I've been there before
I'll be there for you
'Cause you're there for me too

You're still in bed at ten and work began at eight
You've burned your breakfast so far, things are going great
Your mama warned you there'd be days like these
But she didn't tell you when the world has brought you down to your knees

No one could ever know me
No one could ever see me
Since you're the only one who knows what it's like to be me
Someone to face the day with
Make it through all the best with
Someone who always laughs at
Even when I'm at my worst, I'm best with you

I'll be there for you
I'll be there for you
I'll be there for you
'Cause you're there for me too

- From the soundtrack of Friends

August 07, 2008

Slow Dance

This describes my mood perfectly at the moment...btw, does anyone know wrote it??

Have you ever watched kids
On a merry-go-round?
Or listened to the rain
Slapping on the ground?
Ever followed a butterfly's erratic flight?
Or gazed at the sun into the fading night?
You better slow down.
Don't dance so fast.
Time is short.
The music won't last.

Do you run through each day
On the fly?
When you ask How are you?
Do you hear the reply?
When the day is done
Do you lie in your bed
With the next hundred chores
Running through your head?
You'd better slow down
Don't dance so fast.
Time is short.
The music won't last.

Ever told your child,
We'll do it tomorrow?
And in your haste,
Not see his sorrow?
Ever lost touch,
Let a good friendship die
Cause you never had time
To call and say,"hi"
You'd better slow down.
Don't dance so fast.
Time is short.
The music won't last.

When you run so fast to get somewhere
You miss half the fun of getting there.
When you worry and hurry through your day,
It is like an unopened gift....
Thrown away.
Life is not a race.
Do take it slower
Hear the music
Before the song is over.

August 02, 2008

I am back (this time forever)!!!!!

Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry...and thanks a triple million tonnes for everyone who has been mailing in this last year, despite the fact that I vanished most unceremoniously!! That's because I was doing a full time job that didn't allow me to run a parallel blog, but now am happily back to freelancing so this blog goes live again!!!!!!!

July 10, 2007

Thane - Shifting closer to town

Did you know that Thane is now just a 50-minute drive from Nariman Point???? I was resigned to spending half the day in the car, but we left at 9.20 am and were already seated for our meeting there at 10.15 am. And its a beautiful drive - you feel like you are going to a hill station. I love all the new flyovers and Expressways!!!!

July 09, 2007

The Secret

Have you heard about The Secret? I just started reading it yesterday and am completely hooked after something that happened today. I must confess that I am one of life's great disbelievers - everything is to be questioned, every piece of philosophy attracts "healthy cynicism" and every word, act or instuction must be logically explained to me before I will believe in it. However there is something so naively fairytale-like about The Secret that made me want to believe in it, despite my natural inclinations. And guess what? I think it worked :)

When I first went to Paris a year back I bought some beautiful paintings - however, they went missing six months back. I kept hunting for them everywhere and would then ache for the loss. Then yesterday, I decided to stop crying over what I had lost and focus on the ones that I did have. We spent a lovely Sunday evening sorting through our remaining collection, reliving our Parisian moments, framing them and placing them around the room. Today morning, I stood in front of my favourite scene - Champs Elysees in the rains - and savoured its memories before leaving home.

Later in the afternoon, I walked into my bedroom and the first thing I see is a packet containing the missing paintings - in a spot thats right in front of my eyes, and where I have looked a million times before. Did enjoying what we had "attract" these paintings back to me? I dont know, and for once in my life I wont analyze, dissect or debate - just accept.

June 25, 2007


A lot of people ask me why I wait so anxiously for the rains, when all that they seem to do is turn Mumbai into one large (and in places, extremely dirty) river thats impossible to navigate. But I still love this city in the monsoons - waterlogging, total breakdown of transport systems and general mayhem notwithstanding. Over the last few weeks friends and family were constantly amused at my frequent visits to the Met department's website to check satellite pix for status of those precious rain bearing clouds. So the last two days have been utter bliss - do you know that on Saturday, at almost 300 mm, we had about one-third the amount of rain as the cloudburst two years ago? Unfortunately its stopped raining now, but here's what Mumbai looked like for one brief weekend. This is Nariman Point, as seen from across the bay.

May 09, 2007

I want to go somewhere, anywhere - as long as its out of Bombay, and its not work related!! Desperately, desperately need a break and the city's humid, sweltering heat does not help one bit. And it turns my hair into a ball of pure frizz. Someone, someone pls offer me a vacation!!!!!