All about living in this crazy, wonderful city called Bombay

February 07, 2004

There was a time when I would waltz into a shop, buy a pair of 26-inch waist jeans and ask the altering department to take it in by an inch. Today, the very idea of confronting my waist size while trying on jeans and trousers is terrifying enough to make me avoid clothing boutiques as far as possible. But I desperately need a good pair of black, formal trousers for an upcoming event, and so its intensive treadmill time all over again.

Incidentally, the best trousers in Bombay are at Blackberry's at Breach Candy. I have heard that Mango has some pretty good stuff as well, but its way too overpriced for my wallet. Plus the fact that they are firmly entrenched in the fantasy that all should women live solely on water and have 26-inch waists :(

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