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February 08, 2004

Just coming back from watching Chameli, and just loved the movie. This movie is a tribute to what Bollywood really can do if it allows itself to think outside the box. Very sensitively made, it refuses to follow all the cliches revolving around such movies. It refuses to romanticise prostitution, yet does not follow into this entire dramatic scenario where prostitutes are victims of society and have to be rescued etc. etc. etc. Neither does it get into the moral aspects of anything...the bottomline is that this is life, this is reality, just deal with it!

The movie has an open ending. Rahul Bose goes back to hunt out Kareena Kapoor, but will they fall in love and brave society to start a life together? Its all left unsaid, but its a poignant question -- for once, treated in a realistic manner. Full marks to Sudhir Mishra (Director), Rangita Pritish Nandy (Producer), Rahul Bose and Kareena Kapoor. This is the best tribute they could have possibly paid to Anant Balani.

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