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January 17, 2004

I have just noticed that the "Comments" section has vanished from my Blog. I believe that it is being transferred to a new server, and shall be up and running in a while, but till then you can contact me on

I am tired...really, really tired. Mentally and physically. Had a horrible experience today -- somebody called my mother all the way in Pune and spoke utter crap about me. Thank God that my mom knows me well enough to have complete trust in me and simply slammed the phone down without taking cognizance of the bullshit. But it does leave a bitter taste in the mouth.

These kind of mischief-mongers are pretty common in Delhi, but I thought things like this did not happen in Bombay. Here people just do not have the time to interfere in other people's lives! Guess whoever did this has something against me and wanted to get me into trouble. Whoever you are, if you are reading this please know that all this nonsense in ineffectual because we are very close as a family. TOUCH WOOD! If you have the guts come and thrash out your problems face-to-face. Else butt out!!

Mom's finally, finally shifting to Bombay. Have been staying without her for practically more than three years now, and have really missed her all this while. While we may fight and squabble and disagree on a whole lot of things, she is definitely the world's best mom, and I am counting the days till she gets here!!


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