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January 07, 2004

From Sangeeta Wadhwani, Features Ed, L'Officiel-India:

Hi Anubha!

Here I am posting my observations to you for your zippy site. I nominate Meeta Bajaj of Coffee Communications as one of the more dynamic PR ladies on the block. Not only does she make media people feel at ease while she is feeding them relevant information, but she speaks honestly and coherently about things that PROs wouldn't normally discuss.

I also nominate the Vie Lounge and Deck as a new note on the party horizons - noteworthy because it overlooks Mumbai's balmy coastline, something very few nightspots manage to do. Sea magic saves our souls in this city!

I have a new category for you:
The Most Spirited Mumbai-ite: Janet Fine, author of Lizzat Un Nisa, Journalist, and curator of CoHo, the fortnightly art-poetry walk through downtown galleries, deserves a great deal of appreciation. Somehow, she manages to get workaholics to crawl out of their busy routines and share original creative efforts with a constantly changing audience. For one Saturday afternoon, if you join the fray, you hear ex-pat and local talent strumming guitars, doing the flamenco, dramatising short stories, and lots more. Look out for a book on CoHo, which will feature quaint art spots rediscovered by this movement!

From Bombay Life:Sangeeta, thanx a ton for taking out the time to do this...!!

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