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June 25, 2007


A lot of people ask me why I wait so anxiously for the rains, when all that they seem to do is turn Mumbai into one large (and in places, extremely dirty) river thats impossible to navigate. But I still love this city in the monsoons - waterlogging, total breakdown of transport systems and general mayhem notwithstanding. Over the last few weeks friends and family were constantly amused at my frequent visits to the Met department's website to check satellite pix for status of those precious rain bearing clouds. So the last two days have been utter bliss - do you know that on Saturday, at almost 300 mm, we had about one-third the amount of rain as the cloudburst two years ago? Unfortunately its stopped raining now, but here's what Mumbai looked like for one brief weekend. This is Nariman Point, as seen from across the bay.


Anonymous said...

Hi, if you love the rain, serious rain, as much as some people and you are looking for a break, I would recommend a weeks trip to the cloud forest barrier in Peru. Its unique because you can see rain below you whilst you are sitting on a cloud - a waterfall like perspective. Also, @ particular points in the cloud forests of Peru, you can still see the stars above and watch the rain below.

Archan Nair said...

Beautiful Capture. The mist, and the smell really gives me a thump. Thankyou for sharing.

Archan Nair
Digital Artist & Illustrator

rajkumar.rr said...

The Photographs itself speaks more!!!