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December 01, 2005

Cosmopolitan goes bridal

As if my parents were not enough, now it seems that my magazine is conspiring against me as well - yup, Cosmopolitan has just come out with a special Bride issue!!

Fun as it was to put this very new kind of thing together, it also made me realise that marriage might not be a bad deal after all. I mean, so many people seem to be having a ball when they get married...maybe its worth giving it a shot after all? If nothing else, its a great excuse to splurge on oneself. The shopaholic in me is already rejoicing :)

Incidentally, this Cosmo Bride issue also marks two new innovations - its the first time that a niche lifestyle magazine in India is publishing fortnightly, and the size is also different. Its a pretty exciting package. I know that I am going to preserve my copy on the off chance that wedding bells might chime sometime in the coming year :) :)

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Anonymous said...

what an awesome looking cover!!