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March 26, 2004

Today, I hogged on pani puri for the third day in succession :) As they say, you can take a girl out of Delhi, but you can't take a Delhi girl's mind off chaat!!!!

Incidentally, for the uninformed, the best pani puri in the whole, wide world is at Tiwari's tiny, roadside stall next to Hotel Intercontinental at Marine Drive. A Bombay institution, catering to celebs, socialites and the not-so-glamorous populace alike, this guy makes 80 kgs of fresh puris every day, carts them on the local train all the way from Borivili, and sets up shop around 4.30 at Marine Drive. Its a small and open stall, with no arrangement for luxuries like sitting down, but it still attracts all of Bombay and getting standing space on weekends is a miracle! He makes the "pani" in Bisleri water, and is usually all sold out by 8-8.30. So be there before that, if you are a chaat lover like me!

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