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February 22, 2004

Just back from the Filmfare Awards, and for those of you who weren't there, trust me, you missed nothing at all -- except for the wonderful performance by Shahrukh Khan and Saif Khan, that is. These two work so well with each other, with SRK's wit beautifully complemented by Saif Khan's brilliant comic timing! Its great how Bollywood has finally learnt to laugh and take digs at itself!!

What was really refreshing was the way homosexuality was out in the open at the Awards, with SRK and Saif Khan doing brilliant spoofs on the Kantaben theme of Kal Ho Naa Ho (she is the maid who thinks the two of them are gay in the movie), ending with a short take-off on the last scene of the movie, this time with SRK telling Saif that he wants to sleep with him (I know you don't believe this, but he said this very, very categorically, and on center stage) and then the two of them climb into bed together. Caught a glimpse of Karan Johar at that exact moment, and he was like, oh my Gawd, what are they doing to my film??!!????!!!!!!!!!!???

Another refreshing change was that guys were far more overexposed than the females this time. In fact, it was a veritable stripping act for all the male performances, except in the case of John Abraham, who came without his shirt on in the first place. The joke that was going around at the end was that since Hrithik kept taking off an item of clothing with each song, the girls were praying to all known Gods for just three more songs!! Guess Suzanne must have been happy that his performance ended when it did :)

Haven't seen the TV version yet, but I believe the guys shooting the event kept showing Shahid Kapur and Abhishek Bachchan when Kareena Kapoor was doing a Karisma Kapoor retrospective onstage. What is the deal with the Kapoor girls anyway? They really seem to like the "Kapur" surname!

Incidentally, was a tribute to Karisma Kapoor really justified at something like the Filmfare Awards. C'mon guys, she's just gotten married -- not retired or died or become an invalid or something. Unless one follows the Bollywood adage that marriage is the kiss of death for actresses. I mean, Madhuri Dixit got married a couple of years ago, but we didn't see anything like this at that time, did we?? And, surely, Madhuri was a far better and more established actress than Karisma can ever hope to be.

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