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December 11, 2003

There's gonna be a whole lot of people heading towards Alibaug, Kashid and Murud Janjira over the Christmas and New Year weekends, so here's some tips to ensure you have a rockin' time:

1. Most hotels there don't accept credit cards, and there are no ATMs either. So remember to carry enough cash.

2. The only liquor shop is RK Wines at Nadgaon, 9 kms from Kashid, and it does not stock much more than Indian whiskies.

3. While its fun going by ferry (also faster), transport in these places is hard to come by -- only a few rickety rickshaws and creaky BEST buses, and that too at long intervals. Explore the option of driving down -- its a three-hour drive from Sion, and you can take a breakfast break at Vadhkal Junction, which is exactly mid-way.

4. Mobile phones do not work beyond Alibaug.

5. Its worth taking a guide at the Janjira fort, else you could keep wandering around whole day and still not get an idea about the place.

6. Sunset is early, so don't put off going to the beach in the evening. Be there latest by 5 p.m.

7. The locals are pretty polite and helpful, but this is rural village area, so skimpy clothes and PDAs are frowned upon.

8. Non-vegetarians should not miss the Konkani-style prawns curry as this is what Kashid is best known for!

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