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December 16, 2003

Marriot Rings In The Old On New Year's Eve

There are some decades that never really go away. Enter the time machine at the JW Marriott Hotel Mumbai this New Year’s Eve and go back to that daring decade when disco balls were considered a source of energy, Abba was the anthem of the generation, your mom never combed out her Afro and even your dad looked cool…Well he tried anyway!

With a touch of Don, a sprinkle of Karz, a dollop of Disco Dancer… the Lotus Cafe, Enigma, Saffron, Spices and the Salt Water Pool will all be transformed into one huge party zone. A trinity of the hottest DJs in town - Aqeel, Ryan and Girish – will do serious turntable damage and there’s also a European dance troupe and a life performance by Sukhbir and his posse.

So unearth those flare bottoms, confess that you really like purple, sprout sideburns (this is for the guys please!) and boogie like there’s no tomorrow. JW Marriot guarantees to make 2003 a time to remember too!

Tickets are Rs. 7,500/- per person all inclusive. Call Festivity Desk at 5693 3344.

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