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November 17, 2003

Saw a brilliant play yesterday...Anupam Kher's Kucchh Bhi Ho Sakta Hai! Its not easy to keep 500 people entranced while giving a monologue of your life's stoey for two-and-a-half hours, but Kher handles it with a finesse and aplombe that has always been unique to him. He made the audience swing from rib-hurting comedy to deep introspection and pathos in the twinkling of seconds all throughout.

What I especially liked about the play was its honesty. Its not everyday that such an established personality goes up on stage willingly and lays bare all his follies, imperfections, faliures and heartbreaks to the world. It was a tremendous act of courage!

What remained with me after the play was realization of the way in which all of us so often get wrapped up in our own sense of self-importance, that we simply fail to see how transitory our successes are, and how little we actually matter in the scheme of things.

Thanks, Anupam, for a wonderful evening!

Going for Suede's (Kelly Dorji's modelling academy) first event. Its at Red Light, Kala Ghoda. Lets hope there are lots of gorgeous guys around :)

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