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October 08, 2003

Heard Nikita Nigam sing for the first time yesterday (that is Sonu Nigam's kid sis for the uninitiated)...charming voice capable of holding a very high pitch without sounding shrill, even though it lacks a little depth. But guess that shall come by with age. She looked pretty young -- a teenager, I would guess.

Sonu thats a different entity altogether. Somehow, am wondering why, I never really liked him much. But after seeing and hearing him live at the Toyota 1,00,000 Celebrations, have totally changed my mind. He was wonderful! Sings wonderfully, and works the crowd even more wonderfully! Definitety one to look out for!

(Incidentally, are you going for the Adnan Sami concert on Oct. 11?)

Yesterday was also the D'damas Signature Jewelry Collection launch at Taj Land's End, but more on that later. Gotta run now. You take care!

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